British English Learning Party

Learn English with style and confidence!

We warmly invite you to our free British English conversation class online.

All levels welcome. Next session to be confirmed soon.

Two British native speakers will be hosting the conversation. Everyone is encouraged to speak; however, people who only wish to listen are welcome to join us too.

More English…

15 Euros per session

This is a wonderful method to strengthen and creatively use your ever-growing vocabulary. We’ll give you feedback so you will know how to improve your communication in an effective and eloquent way.

After registering, an email will be sent to you prior to the live Zoom session and it will include an article and a video on a subject of our choice.

You will write a summary about the article and video; 200 – 500 words maximum.

Feedback will be given on spelling, grammar and whether you have understood the subject and context. This feedback will be sent privately by email to you.

After the deadline has passed for the short essay, we will have a live group session on Zoom to discuss the topic. This will be a great opportunity to practice pronunciation and listening skills.

We hope that you enjoy this fun way to deepen your English language learning!

All levels welcome!

Please contact Caroline to register or for more information:

Caroline is a qualified and experienced English Teacher since 2006. She has taught many students of all levels and ages. Caroline is a British native from England. Currently, she is living in France and speaks excellent French.

Further your learning

If you would like to have a one-to-one lesson, please contact Caroline by email on

25 Euros / One Hour – Private English Lesson
10 Euros / 30 Minutes – Private 1-to-1 English Conversation.